Our Philosophy

Our philosophies outline our values and our goals. They support our daily practices and provide a clear vision of our role in ensuring the highest quality of care for your child and you.  We review our philosophies regularly in collaboration with our staff, families, specialists and the local community.

For Children

We believe every child is a unique individual, with their own interests, learning style, growth timetable and culture. We focus on active learning through play and understand that children learn best when they enjoy what they are doing.

Our diverse programs cover literacy, numeracy, social/emotional skills, fine motor and gross motor development. Our programs are designed to empower children, develop a sense of independence and responsibility whilst instilling a mutual respect for others. We incorporate activities that are age and stage appropriate and through our continuous observations we integrate our children’s interests into our programming to ensure they are continuously stimulated and having fun whilst learning.

We encourage positive guidance and clear guidelines to promote self-discipline and help children to feel safe and secure. We treat each child with affection and respect and emphasis positive aspects and values at all times.

We believe in health and well-being. We provide programs and meals that support and reinforce healthy living and food choices. We are committed to the provision of a well-balanced and nutritious diet, with an emphasis on introducing the children to a wide variety of foods from other cultures. 


For Families

We believe in having a strong partnership with our families that respects and values their input, feedback and specific needs. We believe in open communication at all times. We embrace diversity and respond to changing individual and family needs. We believe families are children's most valued teachers and involvement is encouraged as an important part of our program.


For Staff

We believe our staff are our greatest resource. We will foster an environment that supports and motivates, enables open and effective communication at all levels and provides clear guidance and leadership. We are committed to ongoing development and training of our staff. We will endeavour to earn the respect of families through our commitment, dedication, trust and educational expertise.


For the Community

We will continuously seek and liaise with services and external resources that will enrich our program and add depth to our children’s learning and experiences. We will communicate with specialists to assist in planning and delivering an enriching environment for children with additional needs.


Our Physical Environment

Clever Munchkins Early Learning Centre strives to promote the highest quality of education and care for our children, staff, and the families within the community.  Our centre promotes an environment that is clean, safe, healthy and stimulating for all that attend our service. 



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